Virtual Piano Libraries

Cinematic Sound Libraries

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Virtual Piano Libraries

Una Corda


A unique and modern upright piano for an instant contemporary piano sound featuring three different instruments: a Pure piano, a Felt and a Cotton preparation.

Definitive Piano Collection


Three exquisitely sampled pianos deliver the perfect sound for any production task.

Galaxy II


Galaxy II contains three grand pianos: the Vienna Grand (a powerful Bösendorfer Imperial), the 1929 German Baby Grand (a Vintage Blüthner baby grand), and the 5 star awarded Galaxy Steinway in stereo and 5.1 surround.

The Giant


THE GIANT captures the sound of the world's biggest upright piano to deliver an intense, dynamic playing experience.

Vintage D


The iconic 1920 Steinway D - a true legend of its class. Richie Beirach called it 'The best piano in the world’.

Cinematic Sound Libraries


The performance instrument for playing spine-chilling atmospheres, clusters, and hybrid textures.



The ultimate suspense instrument for spine-chilling, cinematic build-ups with exclusive sounds.

Galaxy X


X is a CONVOLUTION SYNTHESIZER, bringing an extremely powerful and creative sound design tool at your disposal: FX CONVOLUTION.



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